This is the story of a young fan of the modern day geekdom and all he feels about what he loves. Video games, anime, and even a few creations of the western world. Yes, this is the story of an everyday American otaku. I’ve been a faithful member of the video gaming community for close to two decades, since the first time I picked up the controller to my dad’s Sega Master System. My passion has only grown for the medium since then.

If you wanted to know a little about me, I’m an english student in Dallas, and eventually plan to study game design after earning my B.A. Outside of gaming, I’m a huge sports fan. Football, soccer, and baseball are my three main loves, but I keep up with basketball and hockey, too. Born and raised in Dallas, I’m a Cowboys, Mavs, and Rangers fan. Since my dad hails from NYC, I was also bred to be a die-hard Yankees man, too.

With this site, I hope to create a page that offers a unique, fun insight into the gaming industry, and becomes a frequent stop for many in the blogging community. As a hardcore gamer, an aspiring journalist, and someone who works in the retail side of the gaming industry, I feel that I can offer a distinctive view on the subjects surrounding the topics that we love, as gamers. I’m entirely open to friendships with fellow writers and comments are absolutely welcome.