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Zero Punctuation: Splatterhouse (10/15/2010)

Every Wednesday, gaming journalist/comedian, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, “reviews” games in a video series called “Zero Punctuation.” They’re hilarious, honest, and an all-around awesomefest. I like them enough that I post a response to them each week. So, in case you’re not a regular Zero Punctuation viewer, do yourself a favor and click the link below. … Continue reading

Zero Punctuation (6/30/10)

Here’s this week’s Zero Punctuation. This week’s topic: E3! Needless to say, Yahtzee had much fun with the multitude of “bandwagonning”that Microsoft and Sony showed during the show. At least he gave Nintendo their props for looking good, this year. Yes, they’re just making games based on old, standby IPs, but at least they’re amazing … Continue reading