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Bulletstorm Demo Goes Live

So Cliffy B’s People Can Fly’s┬álatest creation, the mad carnage simulator that is Bulletstorm, hit Xbox Live and the PSN today. Have you checked it out, yet? You know it’s awesome. I have friends that claim there’s no hype behind this game at all, and because of that, don’t know if it’s really worth the … Continue reading

WoW Goblin Info

Yesterday, IGN posted a preview on one World of Warcraft’s new playable races: Goblins. This is something to be excited about. Even more than all of the over changes that will take place in the upcoming expansion, Cataclysm. First of all, the fact that you can finally play as the awesome green tinkerers is awesome, … Continue reading

Kinect and a new Xbox???

E3 is almost here, and it seems that there’s more news that comes out each day that only adds to the build up. This year’s E3 isn’t necessarily pegged to be one of the most exciting, and I have been one of the ones who’s been saying just that. We’ve already had a big year … Continue reading