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Hello, World (Part Deux)

So, I’ve been thinking it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for the blog. Then I visited, and saw just how long it’s actually been. The last few months have been interesting for me. I’ve experienced plenty of changes, most of which you probably don’t care to hear about. But I’ll go over the … Continue reading

Back to Work

So, with the World Cup falling onto my TV this month, my days have been largely revolved around soccer. Waking up at 6 AM seven days a week hasn’t been the most fun, but at least it was for something worthwhile. It was such a sad day for American soccer. After winning the group, I … Continue reading

Hello World!

I thought it might be fitting for me to start my actual first post with the same title as the default first post that WordPress give each site. This is in part because I find it “smirk-inducing-single-laugh-under-the-breath” funny, much like a “smart” comedy. Works like this would be things such as a good Monty Python … Continue reading