Bulletstorm Demo Goes Live

So Cliffy B’s People Can Fly’s latest creation, the mad carnage simulator that is Bulletstorm, hit Xbox Live and the PSN today. Have you checked it out, yet?
You know it’s awesome. I have friends that claim there’s no hype behind this game at all, and because of that, don’t know if it’s really worth the craziness that comes from my mouth when I speak of it. To them I say, “Yeah, well, you’ll just be left out of the awesomeness when I’m off racking up points for epic nut-shots and curb-stomps.” Yup, this game is primitive, crude, and brings out the worst in us. Yet, somehow, I don’t care.
And come on, doesn’t a game that has the baseballs to make fun of critical hits and mass sellers deserve your attention?
Ha! Take that, Halo!
See ya, “Kill with Skill” cowboys,
The Active Time Blogger
P.S.: The Crysis 2 demo hit today, too, even though no one I know seems to be talking about it. Guess there’s some hype behind Bulletstorm, after all.

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